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September 14, 2013
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Hitotsuyanagi Yuzuru - Tachikawa-High by Michikoreto Hitotsuyanagi Yuzuru - Tachikawa-High by Michikoreto
OMG that's so last minute done ! This is my app for :icontachikawa-high: I really hope I'll get in though ; A ; :iconwanilmith: and :iconebi-ko: buddies will try to get in too ! ; u ;

-currently fixing things -

Name: Hitotsuyanagi Yuzuru.
Nickname: Yuu, Yuzu, Hito-kun
Gender: Male
Age: 15 ( 24 of may )
Grade: First year.
Dormitory: Tamagawa
Club: Basketball
- Girls
- sports ( basketball, handball, soccer - he sucks at playing soccer though- )
- home made meals / bento
- spicy food
- coffee
- animals
- hanging out with friends
- shopping / clothes
- western movies
- cowboy ( they are cool )

- superficial people
- greedy people
- to cook


Outgoing and expansif: Yuzuru is someone who talk easily with anybody even if it's their first encounter because he is used to be the center of attention. The fact that he is someone curious make him talk to various diametrically different people with the same interest. It's hard to call him kind but he is eager to help other. Sometimes he can get pushy when he try to convince someone to do something but that's really for your best. He won't sweet talk when he is determined and serious.
Even if he seems friendly he might be seen as someone rude because he acts overfriendly with people he doesn't even know that well. He doesn't do it on purpose it's just the way he is. When he appreciate or is curious about someone he can be really clingy.

Clever and smart: Although he is basically carefree he is really he is genuinely concerned about his studies and attaches great importance to his school work. He has some facilities to learn quickly because when he was younger, studies took a great part in his life. He's really happy when he can help his fellow for hormework ect ... But since he seems so carefree people in general don't think of him as someone realiable and serious.

Charming talking sweet machine: He really loves girls in general. Probaly because he was raised with many girls around him. He likes to be close to them not necessarily in a romantic way. He is the kind of boy who talk sweet to any girl and therfore, his words can't reallly be take seriously. The friends around him knows it and don't mind it or at least bear with it but he can be minsunderstood by those who are not acquainted of hif bad habit.

Independent : Despite the fact that he apparently acts friendly with a lot of person, he always keep a distance between him and the person he talks to ( not physically though ahah ). He doesn't trust people easily because he doesn't want to be disappointed. He has an objective view of the person he is talking to. That can be hurting because, it's easy to get attached to him, while he won't care that much. Also he doesn't talk that much about him. Don't give up he might open up ~
There is time when he appreciates to be alone and vanish without telling anything.

capricious and whimsical: Even if he seems cheerful and carefree most of the time, there is times where he can be moody and act like a spoiled kid. When there is something he doesn't like about somebody, or a situation that make him awkward or angry, instead of speaking his mind or getting angry he just become cold and sarcastic, ruining the mood. His sarcastic side also show up when he is annoyed by somebody or when he loose interest in someone.

Biography: He was born the youngest of his family and has three big sister ( twins 22 y.o, big sister 28 yo ). His father is an important international buisness man who is often aboard. It's his mother and his sisters who took care of him with lot of love like a little prince. Her mother is quite young looking and she acts like a highschooler at times so it's more like he has four sister though. However they are very close to each other.

When he was little he tended to act mighty toward his classmates because he didn't have the same attention he had at home. He was calm and didn't talk a lot. He spent a lot of time reading book in his free time and he didn't have much friends. Not that he was uneasy or shy to talk with them, he didn't see any interest in talking with them especially guys because he find them too abrupt. He was ok with girls tough because the where kind to him and give him candy.

He didn't have that bad of a relation with his father. He didn't saw him often but he has a great respect. His father is a man of few words, but he knew that he had great expectation for his son so he worked hard to please him. That's why despite the fact that he was really young and should be messing around, he tries his best to be serious as his father. His behaviour really worried his mother.

One day, when he was seven. His father was at home and his family were inveted to a reception organised by the Akimoto family. He didn't like those reception because they were boring and his sister and mother didn't have time to play with him. He was sulking in a corner about this injustice when he spot on two children of about the same age who where playing under the table and running between the chairs. He was intrigued by there behaviour and decided to follow them as they ran in a nearby corridor. When he arrives there he saw a girl hidden behind a pillar. She noticed him and press her finger on her lips to tell him not to make a noise. She then pointed her finger in the direction of the boys who was playing with her who seems to search for something. Yuzuru found it funny and hid with the girl. When the other boy ( Ryu ) finally found them out he gets angry at Yuzuru because he was too close to close to the girl ( Sanae ). However they became friends after that.

Since that time Yuzuru always had fun making Ryu angry by being clingy to Sanae. Even if he didn't see them often because he wasn't in the same elementary school as them, he had some occasion to meet them during those reception he was used to find boring. Little by little he became the outgoing guy he is now, his entrance in middle school marking his change of behaviour. He caught up with the time he was too serious in his childhood and took full advantage of his insouciance ( to the delight of his mother ). That's also in middle school that he became full aware of the attention he could get from girls.

Before their entrence in middle school, Ryu vanished without explication letting an empty feeling for Yuzuru and Sanae, especially for Sanae. In addition to the departure of Ryu, he lived a painful breakup that slightly changed his personality. Even if he keeps act overfriendly toward his felow, that doesn't mean he trust you. He tries to keep a distance in any relashionship. Except for his family ans so friendship with Sanae.

During their middle school year Sanae et Yuzuru became really close friends and he started to see Sanae as his own precious little sister. That's also at that period that they started basketball together and it became something important for the both of them. That's the main reason he was eager to go to Tchikawa high even if it was something which was decided a long time ago by his father. Yuzuru's father was an studient in Tachikawa high and wanted his son to follow the same path as he did.

Additional Info:
Quote: " Hello sweety ! ☆ "
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What a hottie~! :iconmahfeelzplz: Aww I love him <3 His design is just super cool and character-- awesome :love: <3

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sorry he is not :iconheplz:
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